Not only it is totally free, in addition, Billy Goat Garage rewards you with redeemable points for gasoline or accessories for your motorbike.
  • Geolocation: It is checked automatically when we are within a radius of X meters of the position (latitude and longitude). To do this the user must have the GPS and the app activated in the background.
  • Beacon: A beacon will be installed in the Totem and automatic check-in will happen as you approach the totem. The user will have to have the Bluetooth of that device activated and the app in the running in the background.
  • BIDI code reading The application will scan the image in the Totem with the camera of the device and will check when it obtains the ID of the device.
There are many ways to get extra points. For example:

  • If you take a photo where the Totem appears and upload it to any social network by tagging three friends, you will receive a pack of extra points.

To do this, when you have checked in, the option Share photo in social media will be displayed.