Billy Goat Garage rewards your kilometres

Have you ever thought that your motorcycle miles could be rewarded? Do you enjoy new challenges at every turn?

Save your achievements. BGG awards your routes and more:

  • Kilometres traveled
  • Recorded routes
  • Completed routes
  • Shared routes

Key Totems

Throughout the whole spanish tour, as a user of the Billy Goat Garage app you will find so-called totems or key itinerant or fixed places, which will help you score on your arrival.

Totems in Spain
Find them all!
Number of totems in Spain?

Billy Goat Garage, authorities of Almería and outstanding professionals of the world of the motorcycle, will inaugurate this May 27 the monument to the Fallen Rider. We’ll wait for you there.

In addition, the “BGG Challenge” will help you score points.

Join the #BGGOnRouteFestival!

Achieved Goals

Become the leader of the road and paths in the BGG Raking, whether it is in the
Individual Classification or the Team Classification.

  • Novel

    We all started by taking a first step, cheer up and climb the ranks. And if you have doubts, ask your elders!

  • Advanced

    You have learned some tricks to move to the next step, yes, but you still have a good way to go to access the most privileged groups.

  • PRO

    You are in the group of those who rule on the asphalt. What does it feel like when the world looks at you from below? Enjoy it.

  • SuperPRO

    The myth, the legend on wheels. You are one of those few chosen that can be counted with the fingers of one hand.

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