5 reasons to go on guided motorcycle tours

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5 reasons to go on guided motorcycle tours

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Absorbing all the value that guided motorcycle tours and motorbike holidays have to offer is probably the worthiest intake you will ever gain. The undiscovered roads, the daring terrain, the roaring engine and the endless opportunities that it offers open up a new way of getting to know yourself and the world that surrounds you.

When spending days on the road riding your bike you will find fun and peace but also unexpected events and potential circumstances that can become a big drawback if you are not ready and in control.

For first-time destinations and early riders, all the planning and the stress of organising and encountering your trip can prove rather exhausting.  Guided motorcycle tours can be the best way to take you through a dazzling riding experience. Here you have why!


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1. Forget about planning and safety

Guided motorbike tours let experts do the planning and organizing so that you and your travel mates can relax and enjoy; from the moment you leave to the moment you arrive back home.

Tricky little details such as preparing or renting your bike and planning the routes to be travelled can be time consuming and maddening. Guided tours usually include adventure motorbike activities, accommodation and insurance at a fixed budget that will not go through the roof.

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Travel with the peace of mind of a chase car for your luggage and all safety measures in place. Be sure that you will leave behind all the bothersome and road trips with the smoothness of knowing that there is always someone behind for whatever you need.


2. Discover unexplored routes and places

Finding a worthy guide will help you enjoy every moment by showing you the best side of things; from tasty food to cosy accommodation and exciting landscapes where to lose sense of time- 

Stand out from the more traditional routes and discover the best off-road paths together with sightseeing, exploration and cultural awareness. A guide tour can take you to places that no map would show, taking you off the beaten path to really immerse yourself in the destination.

Without the help of a guide, it can be easy to get lost in the middle of nowhere, while motorbike traveling in group will leave you to explore new boundaries without losing sense of direction.


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3. Become a better motorbike rider

You can take guided motorcycle tours as a master class where to improve your riding skills and technique, by taking advice on how to ride trickier sections such as off-road trails and steep switchbacks.

Guided tours are usually classified by expertise level and offer you the opportunity to absorb professional riders’ knowledge and expertise. Consider choosing a rather small group and learn together how to tackle-off new obstacles.

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While motorbike touring is about learning, this is not only about riding dexterity: nothing engages people like being asked to share their life experience and worldview!


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4. Feel part of a riding community

New destinations might be a new challenge at first, but experiencing them together means supporting each other in the face of problems and unexpected situations. This creates a sense of community and a great bonding experience.

Sharing the emotion of a road trip in a foreign land will surely make the experience much more impactful; and if you are travelling alone, it is also a great opportunity to meet other travellers and locals.

Plus, having a good, trustworthy and reliable support covering your back at all time, will keep you safe and untroubled so that you can focus on the road and adventure.


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5. Take the most out of your trip

Tour guides have a deep local knowledge of the destination and can therefore make the adventure really worth it. Because they have already been there, they can decide what is worth it and what can be done to make it even better next time.

Good tour companies want to share the best parts of the pathway with you, and they will tailor every detail to make you want to repeat. It is the real gift of this experience: priceless memories that will remain unique and different to any other life success.



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No amount of preceding planning can replace the personal experiences that a quality guide can contribute to your guided tour. Organizing the Trans-Pyrenean Adventure  with official Triumph instructors could not have been better, with all the tips to a perfect Triumph experience.

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