Key accessories for maximum safety in your riding gear

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Key accessories for maximum safety in your riding gear

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There is nothing like the freedom of exploring back roads and hidden trails on two wheels. However, adventure motorbike riding has an inherently dangerous side that makes riding gear a core element in enjoying your motorbike safely without killing the adventurous spirit in it.


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Safety advice for off-road motorcycle riding

Adventure motorcycles are safer than most other types of bikes, as they have more comfortable ergonomics, long-travel suspension and big wheels. In spite of that, even though a quick trip may seem harmless, the probabilities of you encountering a problem are no lower than on longer trips.

There are plenty of safety tips that, if seriously considered, will reduce the risk of a hazardous event from happening. It is wise to start by choosing the right bike for you and not hurrying up to a heavier, more powerful motorcycle. 

Other advice includes going at your own pace and avoiding competitions, inspecting your bike before every ride, staying hydrated, awake and sharp, and riding in the daytime hours. But above all this enlightening, wearing the right motorcycle equipment is the only possible way out.

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Protective riding gear for a safe adventure

Adventure motorcycle gear not only lowers the risk of injuring yourself due to an accident or mishap, it also provides a good level of comfort so that you can fully enjoy the experience. Whether you are one month into your new riding adventure or 20 years passed that first ride, motorcycle gear remains equally essential.

However, motorcycle clothing and accessories are a popular business. There are plenty of brands out there and a tricky world of adventure riding gear to choose from, making it hard to understand what you do and do not need. If you are getting ready for an adventure motorbike ride, pay attention to this post!


Size and adjustment considerations

Before diving into the different types of motorcycle clothing and accessories appropriate for a safe off-road adventure, it is essential to understand how the correct adjustment of different riding gears will determine both comfort and proper security

Squeezed motorcycle gear, for instance, can feel uncomfortable and lead to waterproof system failures, while loose garments can flake during riding; displacing protections and endangering security. So be patient when carefully selecting sizes and consider some of them may vary due to individual style and cut.


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Basic motorcycle equipment accessories

There are several elements playing a safety role when travelling on two wheels. All of them are in charge of minimizing the consequences for the rider in the event of an accident.


Off-road helmet

It is indispensable for the helmet to have full coverage around both head and face, while providing ventilation. A proper fitting that smoothly adapts to the shape of your cheeks will secure comfort without jeopardizing protection.

The Scorpion ADX-2 Helmet is a great helmet by Scorpion for adventure riders. It offers the following features that provide with an excellent option for motorcycle gear:

  • They have an MX helmet-style visor to block sunlight and protect you, and have a larger eye port to accommodate glasses.
  • Constructed from polycarbonate, which allows it to be more efficient in the event of an accident.
  • Micrometric buckle. 
  • It’s certified and road legal for European roads as it’s ECE 22.05 approved
  • Great ventilation system with 2 exhaust ports and 2 inlet ports.
  • The helmet is equipped with a moisture wicking, removable and washable interior.

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Adventure motorbike jacket

The jacket must always be waterproof, lightweight, breathable and have the ideal amount of stretch for maximum comfort and maneuverability. Furthermore, the jacket or outer layer should feature protectors at critical points such as the shoulders, elbows and back for maximum security in case of a fall.

The Beinn GTX Jacket offers features specifically crafted for adventure, offering the following specifications:

  • Waterproof and removable inner jacket for climate adaptation.
  • Air vents for maximum air flow through the body.
  • Sleeve, waist and wrist adjustment, with advanced ergonomics for high comfort.
  • Superior quality fabrics and CE protection certifications.
  • Additional premium features such as a hand warmer and a stash-away hood.


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Adventure motorcycle pants

Adventure trousers must be adjustable in waist and ankle, have a water-resistant treatment to prevent water from soaking in, provide reflective detailing for rider visibility and must add a double layer to avoid reverse transmission, within others.

Triumph’s Malvern Trousers offer a tailored fit and are prepared for the worst riding conditions, with the following characteristics:

  • Water resistant treatment that allows the water to roll off the fabric.
  • 3D mesh double layer seat to avoid reverse transmission.
  • Waist and ankle adjustments as well as stretchy and flexible fabric.
  • Enhanced product technology on knee panels and CE protection certification.
  • Additional premium features such as reflective detailing and a webbing belt with cam buckle.


Adventure riding gloves

For off-road gloves, the fabric is a key determinant of their quality and abrasion-resistance to both natural and casual events. The combination of stretch and toughness offers increased flexibility and lightweight comfort, with protectors for the palms being a key security measure.

Riding technology enables waterproof, windproof and breathable gloves that can be used with mobile and navigation systems.

Triumph’s Journey gloves offer the following qualities that enable all-year-round gloves that can be used with tactile systems:

  • Adaptability to weather conditions and suitable for every season.
  • Waterproof, windproof and breathable multi-layers.
  • Key protectors and reflective laminated panels for greater night visibility.
  • Index finger technology for use with mobile and navigation.
  • Aluminum thermal insulation.

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Adventure motorcycle boots

Wearing inappropriate footwear when off-road riding is practically like going barefoot, which is why specific traits such as them being unbreakable, non-slip and having reinforced ankle are all crucial. Adventure motorcycle boots are in charge of both protecting the feet and preventing lower leg injuries including the ankle bone. 

Did you know that the foot being trapped under a rider’s motorcycle is one of the most common accidents in trail riding? Adventure motorcycle boots offer the safest protection to these kinds of events. However, apart from safety, they are designed to be enough comfortable to be worn all day with no pain whatsoever.

Triumph’s boots for adventure motorcycles offer ergonomics at the center of their design to offer the following comfort and safety ingredients:

  • Full grain leather for a vintage finish and a top-quality material.
  • Waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane.
  • Adjustable design and closing system with unbreakable protection pads.
  • Lightweight rubber in double density non-slip for enhanced functionality and comfort.
  • CE certification that complies with the highest safety standards.


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Triumph´s adventure riding gear kits

Triumph’s range of riding gear options offers a tailored solution of motorcycle equipment that will smoothly adapt to your own preferences and needs. Apart from the option of choosing individual garments on their own, Billy Goat Garage counts with two different types of kits specifically designed for off-road riding.


Basic equipment kit

The basic equipment kit includes the two main equipment items for safe riding: the full-face helmet and the adventure motorbike jacket. This kit provides with the minimum level of recommended gear to wear when immersing yourself in adventure riding.


Complete equipment kit

The complete equipment kit, besides the two previously mentioned components, also includes the motorcycle pants, riding gloves and adventure motorcycle boots; which are all strongly recommended. Although the final decision is up to the client, the complete equipment kit is the right alternative if you are looking for a hassle-free and safe experience.


Superior off-road experiences and motorcycle gear with Billy Goat Garage

Whether it is you are looking for a basic kit or a full kit rental, Billy Goat Garage puts at your disposal all the information and material you need regarding models, features and sizes of every piece of safety gear involved in adventure riding.

From riding gear to accessories such as GPS, intercom and airbags available for rent, we assure that the safest items will fit equally your physical and riding needs. Contact us to know more!

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