Why immerse yourself in an adventure motorcycle tour?

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Why immerse yourself in an adventure motorcycle tour?

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What better way is there to escape from everyday life than on a motorcycle? We surely believe none! But sitting still on a motorcycle for hours requires good planning and preparation. Thus, an adventure motorcycle tour will give you the layers of experience to draw upon in this multi-disciplined activity.


6 reasons to go on adventure motorcycle tour

Riding smarter is the only key to riding harder! And immersing yourself in a unique motorbike tour will help you overcome anything ahead in your path. Ready to overcome the challenges of long-distance riding? Here are 6 life-changing reasons to embark yourself in motorcycle touring.


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1. Freedom and mind-care

Riding your bike in the unknown helps you grow as an individual, as it is equally exciting and mentally challenging. It improves physical and mental health; it burns calories, tones muscles and improves mental consciousness and activity.

There is no therapy that can beat a motorcycle adventure, which is why it has become one of the best antidepressants in the world. Spending so many hours on the road helps you build up a stronger connection with yourself and with life in general; giving perspective, reflection and contemplation.

Few human dreams are more potent than the belief that we might go anywhere, without the hurry to get to a final stop and it being all about the ride. Motorbike travel frees you from everyday stress, allowing you to move freely while not feeling enclosed.

You direct your route, you feel like floating, but above all, you can find the solitude to ponder without traffic, noise or pollution.

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2. Adrenaline rush

We like to say that fun begins where the roads and the pavements end, especially with the added attraction of being able to blast down a dirt road without crashing into a cloud of dust.

Riding instead of riding gives you a more intense feeling and a stronger connection to the road. While jeeps are slower and ill-handling on pavement, adventure motorbikes can absolutely carve when the pavement gets twisty.

From crossing swollen rivers to long rides on half-decent roads through the middle of nowhere, adventure bikes offer the versatility, comfort, speed and headwing-crushing power for making long-distance travel way more enjoyable.

Besides it being addictive (in a good way, of course), motorbike travel tours unleash all of the health benefits associated with such an adrenaline rush.


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3. Cultural enrichment

Motorbike travel changes your perception of the world in ways you would never expect; experiencing different cultures can shatter preconceptions and cultural bias. For the western world, certain foreign cultures might seem unfriendly and off-putting. Enriching interactions with all kinds of people will proof you how wrong you were.

Meeting great people will therefore become a big part of your journey. ADV bikes tend to strike-up the conversation with locals, who wonder where you’re from and where you’re heading to. Even if not speaking your same language and not knowing your habits, you will be surprised how many friendly and caring people surround you.

In addition to foreign cultures, adventure touring will give you the feeling of belonging to a great community and will connect to other bikers. It will leave you with countless stories and with new friends all over the world!

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4. Landscape delight

It is astonishing to think how much of the world we will never get to see. The secret to motorbike traveling is tracing your own long line through unseen places: smelling and feeling every part of it throughout the whole way.

The eternal curiosity of finding out what’s next; you will be able to reach the most amazing corners in the world, inaccessible by plane or train and therefore untouched by mass tourism. From the beauty of breathtaking highways to the emptiness of the desert and the heritage of astonishing ancient ruins, backroad riding gets you to see all the places in between.

Adventure motorcycle tours therefore provide you with a way of responsible tourism; the opportunity to encounter forgotten world wonders while respecting cultural heritage and supporting the living standards of locals.


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5. Individuality and independence

The pros of a semi-planned and guided vacation with the incentive of great adventure, let yourself go with the realities of weather, distance and human individuality.

Even if there is camaraderie and good vibes between the riding team, the motorcycle involves an embarkment alone, and is a way of living in tune with ourselves and with nature. Learning how to travel with fewer comforts, you will gain stamina and a huge sense of autonomy.

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6. Reliability, affordability and riding skills

Motorbike touring is the best way to improve your riding skills. Motorbike tours inspire confidence, and when you’re confident on your ride, fear turns into fun. Purpose-built adventure motorcycles and trips are becoming increasingly popular for touring due to them offering the highest possible performance and safety.

Modern ADV bikes like the Triumph Tiger 900 and Tiger 1200 are considered the pinnacle of motorcycling technology since they perform smoothly both on and off-road. Its wheel combinations help riders roll over obstacles, potholes and improve handling on soft ground, uneven terrain or off-road tours.

Tours are specifically designed so all you have to worry about is making the most out of the experience. The ADV community is growing rapidly and amazingly diverse on many levels, offering an affordable way to enjoy motorbike riding. It is an ideal way to meet same-level riders and learn along with them, while meeting riders with more experience who will stretch your knowledge.


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Billy Goat Garage’s unique adventure motorcycle trips

We want you to experience Triumph motorcycles in brilliant surroundings and with all the necessary gear and safety measures. Which is why we offer different experience level adventure motorcycle tours for the most intrepid riders.

Want to know more about our level 1 and level 2 experiences? Stay tuned on our seasonal escapades including women only day trips and travels. It is time for you to enjoy the ride! Contact us!

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