The best motorcycle tours in Spain

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The best motorcycle tours in Spain

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There are many reasons why Spain has boomed onto the motorcycle travel scene over the last decade; enchanting road rides through breathtaking scenery and vibrant cultural heritage.  Plus, delicious food everywhere you look and the friendliest locals willing to welcome you at every step of your way.

From north to south and east to west, most first-time travelers to Spain are not yet aware of the diversity of regions in terms of landscape, climate, history, culture, lifestyle and cuisine. The many faces of Spain offer you beautiful and unique adventures, while your motorcycle is calling to discover them with you!


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1. Across the Pyrenees

The so-called Trans-Pyrenees Adventure is a motorcycle route through the border of France and Spain; a unique natural environment, riding through mountains and forests while getting lost in the wonders of the Pyrenean geography.

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Who is it for?

The Trans-Pyrenean Motorcycle Route allows you to travel it in many different ways, making it suitable for all level riders. The road surfaces vary from silky smooth to dusty and rough, adding to the sense of adventure.

There are many tours that limit the route to more accessible journeys on asphalt. However, if you are in search of adrenaline, we invite you to join our Transpyrenean 6-day master class, where 60% of the journey is off-road!


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Within the many alternative routes and options, one week is plenty enough of time to travel the area comfortably, as most of the tours’ pathways are no longer than 900km. From coast to coast, the starting and end points of this tour are usually always at some coastal point in the Mediterranean and Cantabrian seas.



Once you start riding, you can choose to enter French territory, stop and visit our neighbors in Andorra, ride through mountain peaks or get lost in the sunny Costa Brava. Stop and take some fresh air at regions such as Huesca or Navarra and explore twisted roads with spectacular curves. 

Accommodation and meals involve infinite options that have an excellent price/quality balance. From charming country hotels and lodges to local taverns and grills, the Pyrenees are becoming a pilgrimage for many bikers who are in the search for spectacular scenery and up and down mountainsides.

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2. Andalusia’s southern Spain region

Home to the best motorbikes in southern Europe, the sun is always shining and the roads are simply sublime in Andalusia. On the one side you can drive through dramatic coastal highways clinging to a cliff edge, on the other side you can twist your ride towards mountain passes and hidden towns.


Who is it for?

Andalusia’s motorbike experience is for those riders who enjoy touring incredible roads with panoramic views, while immersing into Spain’s multi-cultural history. Most roads are deserted but in excellent condition, offering a smooth and feel-free riding experience.


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Visiting the most characteristic cities and landmarks around Andalusia could take months. However, 9 or 10 days comprising around 1300km should be enough to soak up the south’s ‘Made in Spain’ feeling and get to see Seville, Cordova, Granada and its Alhambra, as well as natural landscapes such as snowy Sierra Nevada.

Accommodation in the area is widely accessible in the form of traditional boutique hotels, and gastronomy is known for its affordable and tasty tapas. Join our Andalusia motorcycle trip to enjoy twisted mountainous routers and roads, as well as the Arab heritage embodied in palaces, gardens and mosques. 


3. Picos de Europa in Northern Spain

Explore the rugged topography of the Picos de Europa mountains and its misty mountain towns. This mountain range, located in northern Spain and part of the Cantabrian mountains, has its highest peak at an elevation of 2,650 meters, named Torre de Cerredo. 

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Who is it for?

A sensational ride for nature lovers and summer travelers, the road surfaces being generally good and the landscapes looking lush and green even in the warmer months.

This tour is perfect if you feel like escaping the city and disconnecting from the hassle. Amazing photos, panoramic viewpoints and authentic mountain villages are waiting for you.


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While routes in this region are not as extensive (riding time can take up to a day – 10h – and around 350km), it is a very popular option to combine this tour with exploring some other route, such the Pyrenees (only 400km away). 

Another option is to begin in some coastal town, like Galician Santiago de Compostela, to admire its hillside beauty and coasts filled with seafood richness and delicious cuisine. Taking the time to visit northern gems such as Cantabria, Basque Country, and Asturias provinces, you will feel a world away from reality.


4. Valencian Mediterranean Coastline

Dreaming of a blend between cultural tourism, the best beaches in the Mediterranean, the mildest, most pleasant climate of Europe, authentic paellas and a road to fun riding and fun nights? Enjoy your motorcycle through routes in the Valencian Community and end up your day with a cocktail or glass of wine.


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Who is it for?

Everyone really! From beach and pumping life enthusiasts to culture admirers and foodies in search of the authentic and delicious paella. The Mediterranean coastline that connects Castellon, Valencia and Alicante is equally full of white-sand beaches as of castles and walled cities.


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One week seems like the perfect time to spend riding through the Mediterranean roads, wondering around Valencia and its historical centre; Peniscola and its walled city (also known for being a set for Game of Thrones); the dream beaches of Denia, Xabia, and Moraira; the white town of Altea; and Alicante with its charisma and its beauty.

Around 1000km of active days on the road and lazy evenings off the road. The roads are mostly paved roads so it is a good option all year round to take your plus one with!

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Ride a Triumph in your Spanish tour

Spain is easily reachable from most countries in Europe, and a booming option for a motorcycle journey of a lifetime. At Billy Goat Garage we organise tailored experiences that will generate in you a powerful feeling of adventure and freedom.

There is nothing like confidently overcoming routes that you never thought you could, which is why we offer different tours for all levels, guided by experts, and a wide variety of off-road trails that will expand your skills, excite and challenge you.

The perfect cocktail mixing adrenaline and leisure, join the Triumph adventure renting a bike from us or bringing your own, and take riding to a whole new level! Contact us if you want to receive more information.

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