Best motorcycle routes in Spain

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Best motorcycle routes in Spain

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Are you a motorcycle enthusiast that cannot resist the call of the road in Spain? If you live in Spain and can’t wait to grab your helmet and hop on your bike for a road trip, we have compiled our best motorcycle routes in Spain. Keep reading to find out the number 1!


This 31 km stretch is among the best motorcycle routes in Spain. If you like taking hairpin turns, this route has dozens of them. It will also take you 2,050 meters above sea level at the highest point in the Almeria region.

If you take a left turn around the halfway mark, you go up to the mountain and enjoy the splendid view of the Tabernas Desert and Sierra Nevada National Park. However, you must be aware that the temperatures can drop, and it can get windy. So come with chill-proof clothing.


This route is about half the length of the Bacares-Velifique, but you are in for an amazing experience on your way to Andalusia on one of the best motorcycle routes in Spain.

The starting point is Zahara de la Sierra, where the Moors used to have a base near Sierra del Jaral. Even at that point, you will begin to love your trip with the turquoise-colored water surrounding you.

The route snakes its way up to Grazalema, a quaint town with scenic views on the side. You can grab a cup of coffee in Grazalema before continuing your trip. Or you can stop over in the beautiful town of Ronda before you start descending towards Marbella.


Another contender for the best motorcycle route in Spain is the Sos Del Rey Catolico to Sabada section, covering 27 km. You would be taking off from the border town of Sos del Rey Catolico, which boasts of being a base for King Ferdinand II of Aragon in the 15th century, so there is a bit of history here.

The A127 brings you to Sabada, and you get the chance to drive the needle up a bit on the open but winding road. You will have the famous Pyrenee mountain in view on your ride when you pass through the town of Castiliscar.


This is a relatively short ride, offering only 10 km. But of course, it should be perfect for beginners. Kick off from Torres, a village between Murcia and Sevilla, and ride to Albanchez Sierra de Magina.

If you want to be alone on the road with your bike, this is the route for you because the road is mainly used by locals only.


This entry on our list of the best motorcycle route in Spain is again close to the French border. You will be riding next to the Sierra de Montgrony mountain system on this route.

You will love the rustic scenery as you ride 26 km past farmhouses, cows munching grass peacefully in the meadows, wild horses going about their business, etc. You will also encounter forests of magnificent red ok pine trees.

This biking route even gives you the chance to explore some history as you can stop over at Gombren to see the ruins of the Mataplana Castle.


Everybody that knows a thing or two about road biking knows the Sierra Nevada. It is the mountain region in Andalusia, where you will find the highest point in the country and the third-highest in Europe, at 3,479 meters above sea level.

The 26 km route is full of sharp turns and hard bends that will thrill the more daring riders. However, you need to watch out for traffic as it is a busy route, and you must also confirm the road is open before setting out. But you will be rewarded with awesome mountain views on this top motorcycle route in Spain.

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