Choose the best Triumph motorcycle for you to spice up your ride!

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Choose the best Triumph motorcycle for you to spice up your ride!

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Triumph surely comes to your mind when thinking about a motorcycle brand with a cult-like uniqueness across Europe and the rest of the world. Being the largest UK-owned motorcycle brand, Triumph has produced some of the most truly iconic motorcycles over the years; including the Triumph ‘Tiger 900 Bond Edition’, sold out in just 45 seconds!


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Triumph bikes for all tastes and demands

For most riders, Triumph bikes are a blast to ride and the most addictive. However, it is not only riders who appreciate British retro style and heritage design within these motorbikes. One and all across the globe can identify how Triumph is more than a piece of art: a balanced match between sophistication, innovation and vanguard technology.

Whereas triumph bike riders are inspired by three common ingredients; passion, freedom and individuality, the truth is everyone has their own preferences based on lifestyle and needs. Which is why Triumph has from adventure to more classic and urban bikes: to cater for its very particular customers.


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How to choose the best Triumph motorcycle model for you?

Triumph goes far beyond industry standards to embrace brand personality and create customized motorcycles for the most diverse public. A good example is its recent partnership with Swiss watchmaker Breitling, which includes a unique new model to be revealed in early 2022, according to Senatus Magazine.

Having said this, let’s take a look at the different triumph bike options, whichever your individual preferences are!


For a rather classic taste

If you are in the look for a stylish and exciting motorbike to navigate across city streets, Triumph’s classic motorbikes share a bold and original design philosophy and a flair for precision craftmanship. These bikes can make your commute go from a daily curse to a blast.

The Bonneville T100 and T120 are Triumph’s most famous ‘Modern classics’ and do much more than simply commuting. With a legendary design and an undeniable DNA, unsurpassed finishes that include a range of dark colour options combine with the most modern capabilities; a high torque engine, reduced weight and greatest safety measures.

One of our personal picks is the Thruxton 1200 café racer-style model. This bike brings premium components to a classically styled bike; offering agility, comfort and control. A modern bike with ride-by-wire technology in a sophisticated 1950’s body.


For a more adventurous mindset

Adventure bikes must find the optimum balance between versatility and capability. Triumph Tiger 900 and Tiger 1200 have enough power and acceleration to cruise effortlessly and at the same time, are compact enough to easily manoeuvre. These characteristics make it an exemplary Triumph off-road bike, ready for long-rage travel with a sporty side.


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An undisputed king in the off-roading and adventuring segment, Triumph Tiger 1200 is capable of going anywhere. Its design in conceived to take you where you imagine, and it is inspired on the most legendary two-wheel adventures. On the other adventure side, there is the Triumph Scrambler readiness for action.

triumph off road bike

This dirt bike features unique specifications geared towards off-road events and sports. As a part of the Bonneville family, its unmistakable sound, strong peak power and torque delivery add to a fun and accessible urban character. The perfect beginner adventure bike option if touring is less of a topic and mountains are the ideal setting.


For unexperienced rider needs

If you are considering buying a first bike; a compact, slender bike is a good place to start. The classic Bonneville T100 mentioned before is a great choice, mainly due to its good size, plentiful power, great handling and comfortable riding position. It is also suitable for dealing with busy streets, angry traffic and tight spaces.

For first time riders interested in the off-road side of life, Triumph’s Tiger 850 and 900 offer a manageable and fun riding behaviour. The Triumph Tiger category offers confidence-inspiring capability to set a new standard for road-focused adventure and versatility for the city. A choice based on the balance of ride for adventure and intuitive everyday-riding.


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Best Triumph motorcycle options for the most intrepid

The Triumph Tiger is one of the best Triumph motorcycles and one of the most innovative adventure bikes on the market, and its range has grown into a global success. As triple-powered adventure bikes counting with top of the line components and premium build quality, they are designed to make sure that everything the rider touches feels the way it should.

Tiger bikes are the limbo between off-road and on-road riding, allowing you to experience every moment. Unlike the more dirt-oriented bikes, the Tiger has a relatively plush seat that will keep you comfortable in the saddle no matter how long the journey, willing and able to soak up many miles.


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Triumph Tiger 900 Rally

One of Triumph’s best Tiger adventure bikes is the Tiger 900 Rally; transformed to tackle de most intense off-road adventures in style and comfort. With suspension optimized for off-road use and spoked wheels, it can easily move from home to work or to wherever asphalt ends.

The Tiger 900 Rally Pro Edition sets a new benchmark with state-of-the-art specifications such as a shift assist, six riding modes, heated seats and a tire pressure monitoring system (TMPS), as well as a more travel-oriented equipment.


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Triumph Tiger 1200 Desert Edition

For a top gear adventure, immerse yourself in the world’s most inhospitable and unforgiving deserts of the world riding a Tiger 1200 Desert Edition. With a unique color scheme and the most advanced equipment, this bike provides extra performance on the sand and different riding modes that include Rain, Road, Off-Road, Off-Road Pro and Sport.

triumph tiger 1200 desert edition


Enjoy the best Triumph motorcycle rental with Billy Goat Garage

If something Triumphs have in common is their cool factor, which keeps getting better with age. Besides its bad ass looking, these retro-styled racers are packed with powerful machinery that harmoniously blends in the allure of old style.

Rent out one of Triumph’s newest and most unique adventure motorcycles and enjoy an exclusive rental service to explore the most astonishing escapades. Feel the emotion of riding an empowering bike such as the Tiger 900 and Tiger 1200, whether it is as a free spirit or on a guided tour. We will assist you with 360º facilities; from full coverage to 24h road help and advice. Contact us!

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