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The Big Ride of Life Costa del Sol


It is very important that you read and understand the following booking conditions before you (the rider) decide to book with Alpha Bootis S.L.U (the organization/ BillyGoatGarage®), CIF B87717054 and address C/Reserva 51, 29130, Alhaurín de la Torre, Málaga. By making a booking you agree that you have fully read and understand these terms and conditions (about general terms of renting a BillyGoatGarage® motorbike). Another change or supplement will be valid only if it is written or if the client is informed in advance by e-mail or what´s up.



The subject of the contractual agreement with BillyGoatGarage® is exclusively the temporary transfer of the booked motorbike(s). The rider/customer will organize the routes by himself/herself and will use the motorbike responsibly.

Unless BillyGoatGarage® stated, the prices shall include limited kilometres up to 6 days (300km/day and a charge of 0,30€ per additional kilometre) and comprenhensive insurance coverage. You will have the option to choose between a free insurance with an excess of 1.200€ (credit card will be registered) or Premium insurance with an excess of 300€, wich cost is 20€/per motorbike/per day.

From 7 days rental, the customer will have unlimited kilometres.

BillyGoatGarage® will provide you the motorbike with full petrol tank (gasoline 95). The rider will have to return the motorcycle with full petrol tank in our rental point at calle Reserva 51, Alhaurín de la Torre, Málaga. In case you do not return the motorcycle with full petrol tank, BillyGoatGarage® will charge 25€ and the amount of the full tank.

The cost of the fuel, toll and other concepts are not included in the rental price.

If you refuel the motorbike with the wrong type of fuel, this will suffer damages. BIllyGoatGarage® will check the motorbike and charge in the credit card the cost of repair and two days of rental (mínimum of 500 euros)

The rider/customer authorize to charge any amount into his credit card, i.e. the insurance excess, additional rental days, damages or another concepts related to this contract.



In case of hire period from 1 to 6 days, the milage will be limited to 300 km per day. Riding further that the limit will mean paying an extra charge of 0,30€ per extra kilometer. From 7 to 30 days, the mileage will be ulimited.



The mínimum hire period is 24 hours* from Monday to Friday. Rider must pick up the motorbike at 10.30AM and drop off the next day at 10.00 AM. (*if you book “1 day rental” it will be 23 hours and a half)

If the motorbike is picked up later than the rental starts but before it finishes, the rider could use until the end of the rental period. The rider may not claim reimbursement of money amount or services not used.

Penalty for delay in returning the motorcycle will be sixty euros (60€) per hour, calculated in minute intervals. Even if the motorcycle is returned before the agreed rental period has expired, the rental amount will not be refunded.

Minimun rental of 48 hours is required on weekends (unless otherwise agreed with our booking team). You will have to pick up the motorcycle on Saturday at 10:30 am and return on Monday at 10:00 am.

Please, check with BillyGoatGarage® another schedules for hire and supplements.(This type of service is under request and BillyGoatGarage®  will be informed in advance during booking procedure or when the rider pick up the bike.

Minimun rental of 72 hours is required on weekends + public holidays or Grand Prix dates in Spain and Portugal (unless otherwise agreed with our booking team).

A rental extension request must be made calling by phone and writing a e-mail to the BillyGoatGarage® booking team and always before the end of the rental. This service is under request.  We will inform you about availabilty and rates. If you do not return the motorcycle in the agreed drop-off time and/or place, BillyGoatGarage® will be able to charge an extra day rental and another supplements.



You will find all the information about BillyGoatGarage® services in our website (www.billygoatgarage.com).

The rider/customer declares to know and accept the services conditions when he/she finishes the booking process.

The rider/customer will received a confirmation email after the booking payment (100% of the payment in advance is required).

BillyGoatGarage® reserves the right to substitute the motorcycle in exceptional circumstances. These circumstances includes but not limited to mechanical damage, collision damage and theft. If BillyGoatGarage® is unable to replace the confirmed motorcycle for another similar, we will refund you the difference. This is the reponsability of BillyGoatGarage®.



The lessor will supply to the lessee with a motorcycle in good working conditions, and maintained according to the manufacturer´s specifications.

We will provide the rider with the motorcycle documents and tools.

BillyGoatGarage® declares the motorcycle is without visible damages. Small damages could be listed in the check list filled out when the motorcycle is picked up.

If a technical support is necesary during the rental period, the lessor must request it to the lessee.



The rider/customer as a lessor of the motorcycle will be under the below requirements:

  • The rider must be over 25 years old and have a minimum of 2 years of experience with a motorcycle licence type A. To pick up the bike you must present your passport and driver’s licence. You should also have an International Driver´s licence which is required by European Law in case of non European citizens.
  • Rider should be in good health to ride safely. The rider knows his physical conditions and limitations. If you suspect that your health could be at risk for any reasons, or you could aggravate a pre-existing condition of any kind by riding a ride, please let us know in order to take the correct decition.

The customer will ensure not to ride under drugs or alcohol effects.

Any of the avobe circunstances allows BillyGoatGarage® to inmediatelly cancel all contracted services.

  • You will be required to comply with all statutory requirements when contracting a motorcycle rental service, including but not limited to all roads driving laws.
  • The customer will have to pay all the traffic offenses BillyGoatGarage® received after the hire period.


Do not use the motorcycle nor allow the motorcycle to be used:

  1. You must not allow any unauthorised rider to drive the motorcycle which includes you deliberately allowing the unauthorised rider access to the motorcycle or the access being acquired due to your negligence, negligent act or failure to act. If you fail to fulfil any or all of these obligations then, it may cause the insurance and protection provisions or be compromised and/or invalidated and you will be responsible for and will pay to us all reasonable costs of any detrimental consequences, loss and/or damage that may arise as a result. In addition we reserve the right to demand immediate return of the motorcycle if the contracted and/or optional insurance coverage and complementary services are compromised and/or invalidated.
  2. For rehire; neither can you mortgage, pawn, sell or in any way pledge or attempt to or give anyone any legal rights over the Vehicle or any part of it or any of its accessories.
  3. If you have not the driving licence and skills. It is forbidden for persons who are not in the contract.
  4. To carry more passengers than is recommended by the motorcycle´s manufacturer;
  5. To carry flammable and/or dangerous merchandise; toxic, harmful and/or radioactive products or those that infringe applicable local laws and regulations, or to transport merchandise with a weight, quantity and/or volume in excess of what is recommended by the motorcycle´s manufacturer;
  6. For racing, off-road, reliability trials, speed testing or to take part in rallies, contests, or trials, wherever they are located, official or not
  7. To transport live animals
  8. To give driving lessons;
  9. To push or tow another vehicle or tráiler
  10. On gravel roads or roads that are unfit for motor vehicles or where the surface or condition of it involves risks for the tyres or for the underside of the motorcycle or for the motorcycle itself, such as beaches, forest paths, mountains, etc.;
  11. To intentionally commit an offence.
  12. To travel outside Europe
  13. Motorcycle could not be modified or restored without the permission of BillyGoatGarage®. BillyGoatGarage® will charge a penalty for breaking this rule.
  14. You will have to keep the motorcycle safe. Treat the Vehicle with due care and respect and make sure that it is always locked and protected by its anti-theft devices when it is parked or left unattended. BillyGoatGarage® will report the motorcycle as stolen 2 hours later it dissapears.


Liability for damages

The rider is fully and solely liable for any damage caused by the use made of the motorbike and the distruction or disappearance during the period of use. In case of damages or loss this may result in charges up to the full value of the insurance excess (every cases will be specially analyzed by our team for its correct resolution)


Requirements in case of an accident or another damages

Any damages or loss of the motorcycle will be notify to BillyGoatGarage by phone. If something happens BIllyGoatGarage® will charge the cost of repairing the motorbike.

In case of accident, the security deposit will be equal to the contracted insurance excess (the Free one (1.200€) or the Premium one (300€) and BillyGoatGarage® will block the quantity in your credit card until know the exact amount of repairing the motorcycle. If the motorcycle and the rider are involved in a road-traffic accident you will have to stop and remain at the scene. You will have to call the police and/or BillyGoatGarage® and report the collision/accident. It will be necesary to give your vehicle registration number, your name and address, and that of the vehicle owner (BillyGoatGarage®), to anyone with reasonable grounds for asking for those details and to make a report. (It will be signed for both parts). You should expect an investigating officer to make contact with you and provide their details; however this may take some weeks dependent on the nature of the collision. BIllyGoatGarage will inform you all the time about the report of the accident.





In case of injuries

BillyGoatGarage® will not be liable for any personal injury suffered by the customer during the period of use. There are risks as cuts, burns or any other that the customer declares to know before starting the rental period.

BillyGoatGarage® is not responsible for any loss of, or damage to, any personal belongings placed in or on the motorcycle which will at all times be your responsibility. You must not leave any personal belongings in or on the motorcycle when you return it to us (you are responsible for checking and removing your personal belongings from the motorcycle) the rider will wear appropriate gear all the time.

Use of BillyGoatGarage® motorcycle entails risk and duties that we show below:

The rider will have to note that we rent a Triumph Tiger 1200 XCX or a similar adventure motorbike.

  • You must be over 25 years old and have driving license (A) or an international driving license
  • license for this type of motorbike at least 2 years.
  • A medical certificate is to certify that the rider does not suffer from any disease that may incapacitate him/her from riding.
  • The rider may not be deprived or suspended to ride or drive different types of transport.
  • Riding a motorcycle is an inherently risk activity. The rider will attend to the following mandatories:
    • The following items should be worn when you ride: Helmet; Eye Protection; Jacket; Gloves; Pants; Boots. These are required to avoid skin injuries, cuts, abrasions or another one caused by fallingskidding, or other types of accidents
    • Adapt your riding to road conditions (speed, weather conditions, etc)
    • Maintaina safe following distance
    • You should take a break every 200km to prevent rider fatigue
    • The rider will have at least the minimum age required and be in good health conditions. Driving under the influence of alcoholis forbidden.
    • Riders are subjected to all the legal rules and driving laws.
    • The customer will know the risk of riding motorcycles and will read and sign the acceptance of this conditions.


BILLYGOATGARAGE® will warn the customer that he/she has to be in perfect conditions to ride. If the customer is not in good physical health he/she will not be authorized to ride.



In case of a loss or theft the rider may contact with BillyGoatGarage® (emergency mobile/cell), the insurance company and the autorities. Everyone will collaborate in the investigation. If the motorcycle is stolen or lost by the rider then he/she will be responsible and pay the market value to BillyGoatGarage®.  This will be the reason not to take legal actions.

 If motorcycle is recovered and after investigation the rider is not liable, he/she  will pay the cost of repairing the damages.(up to the insurance excess of 1200€). BIllyGoatGarage will block the insurance excess until the facts are known. If for any reason, the insurance company does not cover the cost of repairing the damages, BIllyGoatGarage could charge to the customer the total cost of the repairing.

In both situations the contract will be cancelled without a refund.

If parts of motorcycle are stolen, the rider will compensate to BILLYGOATGARAGE®   according to the market value and the repair cost.



If the rider loose the keys he/she will have to pay for them and 200€ for the inconvenience. The amount will be charged in the credit card gave by the customer/rider.





The rider is reponsible for traffic or pólice violations caused even when the rental period finishes. All traffic tickets will be increased in 30 euros as expenses.


  1. RATES

Rental rates are per motorcycle per day in a periods of 23 hours and 30 minutos in schedules set by BILLYGOATGARAGE®. Rates are established in different price levels:

Day 1: 160€/ per day

Day 2: 160€/ per day

Day 3: 160€/per day

Day 4: 130€/per day

Day 5: 130€/per day

Day 6: 130€/per day

Day 7 to 13: 115€ /per day

Day 14 or more days: 110€/ per day

From 1 to 6-day rental, the mileage will be limited to 300 Kms/day. You will be charged a fixed rate of 0,30€ for every extra kilometre. Unlimited mileage for 7 days or longer


The price includes the rental of the motorbike, top and side cases, luggage storage and the motorcycle comprehensive insurance with an excess of 1.200€. The rider can also contract the PREMIUM insurance for 20€/day in order to reduce the excess to 300€.

The gear and the gasoline 95 is not included in the price.

The rider and pillion will have to bring their own gear or could rent it to BILLYGOATGARAGE® according to the published prices in the BillyGoatGarage® website.

The top and side cases and the transfer to/from the airport will be always booked under request. Both services depends on the availability.

Other travel services are not included (accommodation, gasoline 95, flights, transfers, collection of the motorcycle in a different place of our rental point in Calle Reserva 51, Alhaurín de la Torre, Málaga) If you need any of this services, don´t hesitate to ask us for the availability and a quotation.

The rental rates will be subject to the Spanish IPC tax changes or another one until 20 before booking date. (This difference will be charged to the credit card given by the rider to be used during the booking process)



If a customer is interested in renting a motorcycle he/she could book it in different ways. He/she will have to pay the total amount of the booking in advance so we will send a confirmation of the booking with the personal data, services booked and contract terms by email.

There are different ways of making a reservation:



After checking the availability schedule, the Billygoatgarage® on-line system will book the dates for you. If the choosen dates are fully booked, the system will be offer you an alternative rental period.

All reservations must be guaranteed by a valid credit card (visa or mastercard). You will need to present the credit card in our rental point before the rental period starts.

Billygoatgarage® will register the credit card in the online payments system (stripe) to be used just in case we need to charge any amount before, during or after the rental period and for any security reasons (i.e. to charge the excess of 1.200€ or the reduced premium insurance excess of 300€) or if there is any damage or loss during or after the rental period.

An excess is the first amount payable by you in the event of a loss, and is the uninsured portion of your loss, so when you submit a claim you’ll have to pay an excess. It usually has to be paid to the garage fixing your motorbike once it is repaired before you can ride it away.

The motorcycle shall be returned with a full tank of gasoline 95, in faultless condition and without any deficiencies. The rider shall return the motorcycle in the same conditions at the end of the rental period at our rental point in Calle Reserva 51, Alhaurin de la Torre at the agreed time; with all vehicle documents, tools and accessories. If there is any damage, Billygoatgarage® can charge the amount equal to the cost of the entire motorcycle or the cost of repairing the motorcycle depending on the particular circunstances of any case.

The rental payment will be made by credit card in euros or by wire transfer in case of a pre-booking. We could also accept cash at the moment of the motorcycle collection but a credit card must be registerd in our on-line system at the moment of the booking.



                    All customers, without exception, must present a driving license equivalent in Europe or international driving license according to the laws of the country or countries they visit and  their personal rule, passport or ID.

It is vital that you check passport and credit card requirements as well as any immunisation guidelines for the countries you are travelling to. We do not accept any responsibility in the case of you being unable to travel due to not complying with any such requirements. It will be applied the cancellation policy.

15.1 GDPR (Privacy policy)

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations 2016/679 (GDRP) and the Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December, on the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Rights Digital, we inform you that we will treat your personal data for the purpose of carrying out the management administrative, countable and fiscal derived from our commercial relation, as well as to send the commercial communications about our products and/or services. The data provided could be retained for as long as the business relationship is maintained or for as long as is necessary to comply withlegal obligations. The data will not be transferred to third parties except in cases where there is a legal and we will treat them based on your consent.

We would also like to inform you that you may exercise the following rights over your personal data:

**right of access, rectification, deletion or oblivion, limitation, opposition, portability and to withdraw the data.consent given.

To do so, you may send an email to: info@billygoatgarage.com or write to ALPHA BOOTIS S.L.U. C/ Reserva, 51 – 29130 – ALHAURIN DE LA TORRE – MALAGA

In addition, the interested party may contact the Data Protection Supervisory Authority. Competent to obtain additional information or to lodge a complaint.



The purpose and intended use of both the data themselves and their processing, is to provide you with the information you need. Service requested or deliver the product purchased. Then you can accept the purposes that you think convenient by ticking its corresponding box, note that some purposes may be necessary in order to provide the service, in the case of NOT ticking these boxes, we will not be able to provide the service may provide/deliver the associated service/product.

[ _ ] Provision of the contracted service (If you accept the processing of your data for this purpose tick this box)

[ _ ] Shipment of the acquired product (If you accept the treatment of your data with this purpose mark this box)

[ _ ] Sending of offers of products and services of your interest (If you accept the treatment of your data for this purpose tick this box)



The motorcycle shall be returned without any externally visible and mechanical deficiencies. The motorcycle will be dropped off in perfect conditions at our rental point in calle Reseva 51, Alhaurín de la Torre, 29130, Málaga and on the date and time set out in this rental agreement. The rider must also deliver the documents and the tools of the motorcycle.

BillyGoatGarage® reserves the rights to interrupt the rental period already started for any reason related to the breach of this contract. These reasons could be false documents (personal data of the rider & driving licence), false credit card or another one. In this case the customer agrees to return the motorcycle before the end of the rental period. The rider should compensate the damages incurred to the Supplier as a result of this, which also includes lost profit, interest and costs.



Opening hours of BILLYGOATGARAGE®:

Monday to Friday: 10am to 2.00pm and  4.30 pm to 8.00 pm

Saturday.10.00 am to 12.00 am.

Sunday. Closed. Emergency mobile at your disposal.

If a customer wants to rent a motorbike BIllyGoatGarage has set the next schedules:

Pick-up:10:30 am

Drop-off at 10:00am.

Special motorcycle collection requests may be scheduled and by accepting the quotation offered by BillyGoatGarage®. This service could be only under request by mail and in exceptional situations by phone call. The supplement will be charged in the credit card given by the rider.



In case of any damage to the motorbike or any component or to anybody during the rental period, the rider will be the only one responsible.

BILLYGOATGARAGE® will offer to customer the posibilty of contract one of these types of comprehensive insurances:


Free insurance:

  • In this case BillyGoatGarage® will not required a deposit but will need a valid credit card as a guarantee.
  • There will be a motorcycle comprehensive insurance excess of 1.200€
  • You will be required to register the credit card. In case of any damage, will be charged up to 1.200€ depending of the damages


Premium insurance:

  • In this case BillyGoatGarage® will not required a deposit but will need a valid credit card as a guarantee.
  • There will be a motorcycle comprehensive insurance excess of 300€
  • You will be required to register the credit card. In case of any damage, will be charged up to 300€ depending on the damages cost.
  • The price to contract the premium insurance is: 20€/per day/ per motorbike


Although the motorcycle is provided with an insurance, the rider agrees to assume the economical or financial responsibility up to the amount of the insurance excess in case of damage to the motorcycle or in the next situations:

  1. You must comply with all the terms in the section “rider´s liability”.
  2. Ifthe rider leavesthe scene of an accident, even if he or she was not at fault
  3. if the damage was caused by gross negligence or intentional acts of the rider or pillion rider
  4. If the agreed rental period exceeds a period set

The insurance included in the rental rate is a comprehensive motorcycle insurance.  This includes the following coverages:

– Total risk coverage of the motorcycle in case of damage, accident, fire or theft, with a 1.200 Euro excess (“free insurance”) or 300 euros excess (“premium insurance”). The driver will be responsible of paying the first 1.200€ in case of the “free insurance” or the firs 300€ in case of the premium insurance, worth of damage or vehicle theft, and the insurance will cover the rest.

BillyGoatGarage® will block the full insurance excess until knowing the cost of the repair. If the excess of the insurance does not cover the cost of repairing, the Company could exercise the judicial, civil or criminal actions it deems appropriate.



BillyGoatGarage® recommends you to take out comprehensive travel insurance (health and cancellation)



If the cancellation  is received more than 30 days prior to the start of the rental period, 50% of the payment will be returned; from 30-16 days prior to the start of the rental period 20% of the full rental amount will be returned, 15 days or less prior to the start of the rental period 0% will be returned.

It is possible to change your rental period dates one time only for a surcharge. You must advise of the change with at least five business days, provide the new rental days must be within 12 months of the original dates.

THE SURCHARGE TO CHANGE DATES IS 20% OF THE ORIGINAL RENTAL COST WITH A MINIMUM OF 100 EUROS. If we do have availability on your new requested booking date, your change request is subject to the cancellation policy


BillyGoatGarage® reserves the right to correct printing errors or calculations mistakes at any time.



The rider will accept to rent the motorcycle provided by BillyGoatGarage® (Triumph Tiger 1200 XCx or similar). Furthermore he/she declares that he/she has read and understood the conditions of the agreement. If there is any doubt or anybody is not agree about the conditions, both of them will be submitted to the court the of Málaga city.


. – DATE AND TIME OF PICK UP          DATE      th 2019

. – DATE AND TIME OF DROP OFF      DATE      th 2019

Date of agreement: DATE

Reserva, 51
29130 – Alhaurín de la Torre – España

NIF: B87717054


Antonio Urrea Verdejo

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