Motorcycle routes in Pyrenees: a guide to riding through the mountains

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Motorcycle routes in Pyrenees: a guide to riding through the mountains

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It is no secret that the French and Spanish sides to the mighty Pyrenees host some of the most scenic winding roads on earth. With peaks extending over 3,000 meters above sea level, dense forests and beautiful valleys, riding the mounts of this mountain range is above fascinating.

Even though you could spend the next years of your life exploring the Pyrenees and enjoy each one of your rides, we know how scarce time and money are nowadays. Which is why we are providing you with an essential guide to a mountain route that you will remember forever.


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Pyrenees: heaven on earth for riders

When it comes to huge views, tiny swooping roads, hidden villages, rolling hill-country tracks and towering passes, the Pyrenees have it all. Its wild beauty offers not only an astonishing panorama, but also a super fun way to ride your motorcycle on serpentine scenic roads lost in the middle of the mountains.

Riders in the Pyrenees benefit from top quality asphalt, routes with 99% curves and almost no traffic at all. Riding your motorbike through its mountain ranges will count double its over 400km of length, as roads will turn as much as you wish!

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Why book a tour to your trip?

For those loving mountaineering, and for those who enjoy excellent roads and curves, the mix of spectacular scenery, fresh air and historical heritage offers you uncountable opportunities to explore one of Europe’s best natural sites.

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By hiring a motorcycle route in the Pyrenees, you won’t only benefit of not having to invest huge amounts of time in researching routes and booking hotels, but you will also make sure to make the most out of your trip and not miss a single thing.

Travel with the peace of mind of a chase car and with all health and safety measures in place, while improving your riding technique, staying safe at all times and sharing knowledge with expert riders from all over the world.

For Triumph enthusiasts! Ride your bike or rent one from our fleet and join us in our Pyrenees adventure to a unique natural environment and the best rural accommodation in the area.


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The ultimate guide to the motorcycle Pyrenees routes

Want to experience the ride of your life in the Pyrenees? Discover all the tips, roads and secrets to a fabulous ride.


How long will I need to make it worth it?

The Trans-Pyrenean route is a natural border that divides Spain and France, while connecting the Mediterranean and Cantabrian Sea through the Pyrenees. Its relatively small size allows for 5-7 days to be enough for the route to be more than worth it.

Consider driving 100-200km depending on the day, riding coast to coast for a time period of close to a week will leave plenty of time for rest, culture, fine food and plenty of wine. If you are planning to drop your motorbike at the arrival point, you might have to consider adding one or two days for the round trip.


When is the best time to tour the Pyrenees?

Altitude in the Pyrenees, like everywhere else, equals cool temperatures. Autumn and winter therefore seem like a tough time to ride in the mountains for days. Extreme temperatures bring snow, fog and rain, should you avoid the cold months and opt for the warmer months (End of May to October) for a safe and pleasurable riding experience.

This way you will also assure that road passes are open and that the sheer gorges laden with pretty and verdurous woodland are at its best. Even though July is the main incentive for most to visit, the months either side of this tend to be more settled, and the first autumn months can be spectacularly so.


Recommended routes and must visits in Pyrenees 

A good way to make first contact with the Pyrenees is by immersing yourself in the Spanish side of it. An ideal start-off point for your route is Cap de Creus in the municipality of Cadaques, Girona; located at the easternmost point of the Iberian Peninsula. The area is of an extraordinary landscape value with a seaside rich in deep blue creeks.

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Then wander through small historical towns in the insides of Catalonia, Lleida, Aragon and Navarre, to finish off in the incredible bay of Cape Higuer in Biscay, standing out at the end of the mountain range in the France-Spain border.

Ride through the most famous and emblematic road in the area; the N-260, a famous paved road featuring optimal and cured road conditions. You will enjoy your motorbike along this road for over a hundred kilometers, appreciating each one of its large curves and bends.


Billy Goat Garage to the motorcycle routes in Pyrenees

Our 6-day Transpyrenean experience is an event suitable for all levels, in which official Triumph instructors sharing all their knowledge will help you grow as an adventure rider and improve your riding technique.

An exclusive adventure for Triumph owners and friends, offered to small groups for a tailored trip of 800km full of adrenaline. Become part of the Billy Goat Garage team and share experiences with one of our latest incorporations; Miguel Puertas, the best rider in the history of the Dakar.

Learn how to dominate tracks, crossing the Pyrenees with Billy Goat Garage!


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