Motorcycle tours in Spain: discover Andalusia

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Motorcycle tours in Spain: discover Andalusia

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Motorcycle tours in Spain: an ideal holiday in Andalusia for bikers

Southern Spain is Europe’s epicenter of bewitching history, rich cultural legacy, natural beauty and tasty cuisine. Add all this to the fact that Andalusia has everything in Spain to ride on a motorcycle tour: beautiful landscapes, good roads and ideal weather conditions for motorbike touring all year round.

Andalusia is motorcycle rider’s heaven; you could spend weeks, months or even years on a motorcycle here and never get bored. From epic mountains to sun-kissed beaches, immersing yourself in a scenic guided or self-made tour is one of the best ways to imbibe Andalusia’s magic.


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Why Spain and Andalusia are a perfect choice for motorcycle tours

Dry and bright climate

Andalusia has beautiful weather across all seasons. Even in the height of summer, when temperatures can get nasty, you can escape to the cool mountains and delight with its paths and views.

Winters in Andalusia are very mild; being December, January and February the coldest months with average temperatures at around 18ºC during the day and 8ºC at night. This makes it a perfect climate to be able to enjoy the landscapes that the territory offers.

Coastal routes are perfect for autumn and winter months, whilst mountain tours are ideal for the warmer months. More than 300 sunny days per year on average make bike road trips suitable all-year-round!


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Outstanding landscapes

There are almost as many mountain ranges as towns in Andalusia, and the best part is they are all different. It has it all, with natural jewels such as 22 natural parks well-spread over the 8 provinces and 9 biosphere reserves.

Everywhere you go, the backdrop paints a masterpiece of incredible scenery, with orange-scented tracks and almond olive groves along the ride. And as you roll through the landscapes, the secondary roads lead you from village to village, region to region and introduce you to the most authentic aspects of the land; its customs, culture and lovely people.


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Cultural heritage

Andalusia is synonym of beauty, history and folklore. This fantastic blend makes it come out on top when referring to the cultural clout of Spanish regions. 8 World Heritages granted by UNESCO and spread throughout the Autonomous Community, cities such as Granada, Sevilla and Cordoba declared Monumental Cities and an innumerable amount of festivals and fairs.

Just a short distance from Africa, it weaves together influences from its Arab legacy with a deeply traditional Spanish culture. Vibrant old towns and a collection of white villages provide a culturally-enriching and diverse trip, perfect to enjoy by motorcycle.


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Rich gastronomy

One would say there are more bars than people in Andalusia; all of them packed with mouth-watering tapas, beer, wine and fresh orange juice. The south of Spain is filled to the brim with essential experiences for food lovers.

Andalusian cuisine features plenty of fresh fish and seafood, as well as typical dishes from traditional farms. It also reflects influences from Muslim, Christian, and Jewish culture, creating a combination that’s truly unique.

Tapas are a way of life here, but not as tourists know it: bar hopping, late night meals and delicious food invade the Andalusian night’s breeze. From tasty tapas to superb seafood, Spanish food is all about making the most of the best local product.


Motorcycle tours in Spain: good quality roads in Andalusia

Lightful and lively cities merge with quiet, barren and remote places; both connected by good quality and sparsely populated roads that make an excellent route for motorbike trips. Both interior and shoreside roads offer a motorcycle-friendly terrain with generally well-designed curves and asphalt maintained to a very good standard.

Comfortable touring combines with extra-fun motorbike riding. Andalusia has a diversified landscape with marshes, valleys, meadows, rolling hills, forests, mountains, deserts and craggy peaks; all accessible from your motorcycle’s saddle.

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Andalusia motorcycle tours in Spain: routes and visit spots in Spain

Andalusia’s capital city: Sevilla

The first capital city of Al-Andalus and current capital city of Andalusia is characterised for its colour, the soul of its streets and the niceness of its people. Take the leap at this wonderful city to later discover its northern mountain range and all the landscape biodiversity it has to offer.

Ride your motorcycle through spectacular landscapes and traditional enclaves. Local monuments such as The Royal Alcazar and the Giralda tower combine with spectacular landscapes such as the Hueznar waterfalls and Cerro del Hierro natural monument to bring you a breath-taking journey.


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Sierra Nevada and Granada

Curves mark the ride at Sierra Nevada; a mountain range that makes spectacular postcards in winter and plenty of fun in the summer. The road is fast, wide and fun; with bending paths that make it extra entertaining and amazing landscapes consisting of olive trees and unexplored traces.

For off-road lovers, there is the opportunity to reach the Veleta Peak on the 5th of August; the only day when it is accessible. If, on the other side, you are planning to experience this southern Spain tour in winter, be aware to check that port of La Ragua is open (sometimes closed due to weather conditions).

Do not forget to visit Granada and its impressive Alhambra; a day to enjoy the intrinsic Moorish character of one of the most authentic and imposing cities in Spain.


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Costa del Sol: Marbella and Ronda

For travellers looking to get lost on the road riding a classic motorcycle or a trail and wanting to experience sun rays, infinite seacoasts and picturesque villages, this coastline is for you. Malaga has some of the most beautiful waterfront highways and plenty of corners filled with charm.

Get off your motorcycle from time to time and stop to visit some of the most sophisticated must-sees in Andalusia around Marbella and Estepona. If you want some more action, ride your way to the natural park of Sierra Nevada and discover an inland hidden gem with varied and unique landscape which contrasts with rugged mountains and fertile valleys.

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Malaga and its mountains

Malaga’s long-term bet for motorbike tourism is proven by the amount of motorcycle events happening throughout all year in this province. A horizon of high peaks and deep valleys have protected the city throughout history and continue to serve as an attractive spot for riding a motorbike.

Montes de Malaga natural park is the perfect start to adventure, and its personification of serenity and beauty describe it as a real oasis very close to Malaga center. The shapes of its rock formations, enormous tree vegetation and outstanding views with the sea in the background offer numerous trails and routs that will allow you to connect with mother nature.


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Experience Triumph’s moto riding and guided tours

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