How to ride an off-road training motorcycle: first steps

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How to ride an off-road training motorcycle: first steps

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Having years and even decades of experience in riding through streets and gravel roads has surely given you plenty of skills in dominating the road, but venturing yourself into the off-road is a whole new adventure that requires specific training.

This post guides you through the very first steps to adventure motorcycle riding, so that the fear associated to your very first day turns into a whole new feeling of adrenaline and fun.


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What to consider on your first day to off-roading?

Off-road motorbike training is the pillar and foundation of adventure motorcycle riding, do not try to miss this first step! As with skiing, you will not get to enjoy the ride unless you first learn the technique.

After following our tips into your first off-road experience, all you need in order to nail it is time and practice!


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Training basic considerations

Even though motorbike riding experience will give you confidence and the basics to bike steering and maneuvering on your initial off-road motorbike course, there is no need for you to have even been on a motorcycle before.

To accommodate less-experienced riders and for more experienced ones to get a better feel for the specific bike, good training begins with the very basics: how to start and shut down the engine, find neutral, run the bike, handle transmissions and learn to break are only some of the key starting points.


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Coaching experience

What is most important is to choose a low instructor-to-learner ratio, since small groups will make the experience way more joyful, fructiferous and safe. Always bear in mind to keep your eyes open and, while the steps are usually very gradual and the pace is easy to keep up with, never force yourself into something you are not comfortable with.

Do your research into who will be instructing you for the day. Techniques are individual to every rider and real professionals will help you find the best way for you. Dirt bike competitors for instance have a good set of skills that easily transition to a dirt bike with an engine.

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Where to start-off?

A state-of-the-art playground must be specifically sourced for first-time off-road riders, where a varied terrain consisting of a dirt pit and a small forest-like ecosystem will make the best classroom setting for the day.

Starting techniques such as body positioning and balance, weight handling, low speed control, traction management and motorcycle recovery will initially start at a plain dirt terrain for best momentum techniques.

Once dominated, small forest-like landscapes will challenge you with trails, bumps, bends and puddles, where standing on the begs at irregular surfaces and obstacle jumping will bring you a new level of endurance.


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Best first off-road motorcycle

Having the right adventure motorcycle at your disposition for the day will build your confidence to whipping around in sand and gravel with enough maneuver and power to have some proper fun. Street, dirt, and adventure bikes have the most comfortable, upright sitting position, and will therefore facilitate your life.


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Triumph’s Tiger 900 Rally and Tiger 1200 desert are two of the best off-road training motorcycle models. They will surely become the perfect ally for you to develop your off-road capabilities and take out the most out of your learning process. Also available for independent rent at Billy Goat Garage!

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Gear up for security

Last but not least, do not forget to gear up. It is the safest way to minimize risk as much as possible. Above all, you need proper off-road equipment to stay protected in case of crashing or falling off your bike.

No matter how hard you are planning to go, do not forget to wear a helmet, off-road gloves, sturdy boots above your ankles, special pants, a motorbike jacket and pro-layer and knee protection. Reliable centers will usually have at your disposal top-quality gear with sizing options for best fit.


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Off-road training motorcycle with Billy Goat Garage

Ready to push the limits of your riding comfort zone? At Billy Goat Garage we offer tailored off-road riding adventures for both experienced and non-experienced riders. Check out which one of our training level courses available is the most appropriate package for you!

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