How to ride a Triumph off-road motorbike: the best useful tips

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How to ride a Triumph off-road motorbike: the best useful tips

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What is an off-road motorbike?

Wondering why off-road motorbikes are also known as dirt bikes? The answer has all to do with the ability they offer for riders to play in the most brutal grounds.

Off-road motorbikes, known as adventure motorcycles, are specifically designed to ride rough surfaces that are not conventionally paved; from sand and gravel to rivers, mud and snow, take off conventional roads to ride straight on nature!


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Characteristics of a Triumph off-road motorbike

If you are looking for an adventure motorbike, an off-road option is going to be your pick. Longer travel suspension, higher seats, spoked wheels and lots of crash protection are only some of the ingredients Triumph off-road motorbikes offer for the best possible motorcycle trail riding.

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Light weight

Compared to on-road motorcycles, off-road options are designed to be able to easily navigate through rough terrain and uneven surfaces, mainly thanks to their excellent power to weight ratio.

They also have a skinnier look, with this reduction in width allowing for riders to hold to it better and move at all angles without encountering excess friction and/or any other type of impediment.


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Off-roaders’ longer suspension travel, high ground clearance, and high gear allow for them to provide more torque in off-road situations. Adventure motorbikes also count with a smaller and lighter frame, which makes them more flexible and easier to handle.


Elements such as underbody protection, braced handlebars, off-road tires, and a raised exhaust prevent adventure motorcycles from rock damage. Good off-roaders are those that are practically indestructible and unstoppable, having been designed to survive on any terrain.


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Triumph´s Tiger for motorcycle trail riding

Triumph has developed two of the best adventure motorcycles that are also road-legal, incorporated to its Tiger range! These off-roaders count with all the capabilities to ensure a safe and fun off-road experience while still being suitable for road-tripping and riding on the pavement.


Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro

The Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro version is perfect for off-road use due to its high capacities. This model is good as a tourer, an off-roader, and sporty enough to be fun in the twists. As an egalitarian ADV, it’s pretty ideal for a lot of riding scenarios; with a strong off-road capability, tailored suspensions and a highly robust engine.

The new model, available for rent at Billy Goat Garage, has positioned itself on the top of the trail category as it offers a more aggressive and refined design that seamlessly blends lifestyle with adventure, uniting off-road and style in a much lighter-looking package.



Triumph Tiger 1200 Desert Edition

Despite its bigger size, Triumph’s Tiger 1200 edition offers superior engine efficiency and has been sophistically equipped for the most adventurous. The desert has inspired this off-road centric bike, with a model-specific ‘Sandstorm’ paint package and desert edition graphics.

A powerful three-cylinder engine, multiple riding modes, electronic suspension, traction control, LED lightning, heated grips and ABS are only some of the many features that make it so irresistible to any kind of surface. You can try out this gorgeous off-roader by renting it at Billy Goat Garage!

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6 tips to riding an off-road adventure motorbike

An off-road motorbike experience can be one of the most adrenaline-filling activities in the world. But trust us, dominating these terrain-conquering beasts can be somewhat tricky at first.

Which is why we provide you some essential tips designed for you to tackle mother nature while riding your adventure motorbike, keep reading!


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1. Find your own pace

Asking yourself how fast can you ride off-road is a pretty broad question. On the road, you learn how to slow down for safety, however, off-road and on a lighter bike, you are actually far more stable when you apply some speed.

However, and especially in the beginning, it is essential to take the time to assess each situation for the best course of action. This will significantly ease the energy needed to ride around or over obstacles you encounter and it’s the only way to learn exactly when to reduce speed.

Focus on practicing slow speed balance until you can stand up while keeping it smooth and slow: only once you handle the bike, you will be able to focus on where you want to go.


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2. Control tire pressure

Before you use your off-road tyres on gravel trails find a good balance in the tyre pressure, keeping in mind the bike’s weight! Slightly dropping your tire pressure will increase grip, making it highly advisable for off-road riding on low-traction.

Remember to always adjust all other off-road set ups. They do not lend themselves to long distance road travels, so get the settings right in advance before starting your ride.


3. Pay attention to posture

Posture is essential to ensure a pain-free, secure and enjoyable ride. In order not to get tired, you must stop wrestling with the motorcycle and learn how to put your weight in the right places, so you can vector the bike in the direction wanted.

If you, for instance, want to turn right, then shift your weight to the left. This acts as a counterweight to the natural shift of the center of gravity into the turning radius. Also, applying more weight to the outer stabilizer will balance things out; improving grip and keeping you perpendicular to the ground.

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Remember you must be supporting your body with your legs, transferring your weight between the back and the front whenever you need so. In deep sand and soft mud, lean back into the wheels and let the traction kick in!


4. Stand up on your bike

Standing up enables your weight to stand on your feet rather than on the seat, raising your center of gravity and allowing you to control the slides that make off-road riding so much fun. By grabbing the tank with your lower legs and knees, you will be able to absorb potential shocks.

At first, it can create a sense of insecurity, but we assure you it will be much more comfortable and will help you have more control over it. It is very important not to use more strength with the arms than with the legs. The legs should always prevail to avoid extra fatigue.


5. Equip yourself well

If you are going to go off-road with your bike, you must equip yourself properly, with specifically designed off-road riding gear. This includes boots, gloves, glasses, helmet, clothing and protections that cover your arms and legs.

This process may seem a bit tedious, but the more protected you go, the safer you will feel and the riding will be much more fun. But beyond your own equipment, make sure your motorbike is equipped too! A routine inspection before taking off will save you from potential misadventure.


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6. Experience your off-road motorbike in a group!

Adventure riding is more of an art, not a science, and you will continue to learn on every ride you take, which is why riding off-road is completely inadvisable, even more if you are a beginner.

Imaging picking up your bike, navigating through the unknown or making repairs by yourself.

Riding with your fellow riders will create a sense of community, as well as allowing you to learn way faster and staying safe! Triumph Adventures offer unique off-road experiences that will stretch your abilities and challenge you in the most thrilling trails.


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Off-road motorbike experience with Billy Goat Garage

For anyone wishing to improve their skills and confidence on and off-road, Billy Goat Garage offers you the newest and most exciting Triumph off-road motorcycles. We will guide you from the moment you contact us until the very end of your trip, providing you with 360º facilities; full coverage, 24h road assistance and all our expertise!

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