7 reasons why choosing Triumph motorbike is the best option for adventure touring

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7 reasons why choosing Triumph motorbike is the best option for adventure touring

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Triumph motorbikes: a reference for quality

Due to its long-time heritage and rapid expansion over the last few decades, Triumph is now the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in the United Kingdom. As the most successful British owned motorbike producer, Triumph has been capable of retaining its classic heritage yet moving on with the times. 

Triumph motorbikes offer a unique value proposition based on an existing passion for the modern classics. From providing classic charm models, to modern naked street bikes like the Street Triple and Speed Triple as well as very capable adventure bikes.

Since launching the 1600 cc parallel-Twin in 2010; their first belt-driven bike, Triumph revolutionized the cruiser market and earned a reputation for engineering and quality excellence. Today, with a wide range of motorbikes available to cater individual needs, Triumph motorbikes offer important advantages when compared to its competitors.


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7 biggest advantages of Triumph motorbikes

1. All – star engineering and precision

Triumph’s modern outlook into sophisticated engineering and production plants pays special attention to the critical stages of technical innovation, styling, ergonomics, handling dynamics and performance matters amongst others.

This gives Triumph the freedom to produce bikes that are technically advanced and that comply with the highest standards of precision, craft and engineering. Engineering excellence and the good handling of bikes make Triumph models usually match up bike for bike with BMW-equivalent bikes at a significantly lower cost.

Probably the most customized motorcycles ever, its kits and available parts for complementing the bikes are closer to innumerable. All these factors make Triumph a favorite for custom bike builders around the world.

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2. Adaptation and smooth driving

The Triumph’s brand adaptability is unlike anything offered by its competitors, offering convenient models for all types of riding needs. Triumph has a wide range of bikes; including cruisers, street fighters, sports bikes, sport tourers, and retro bikes.

Others, such as Harley-Davidson, focus limitedly on manufacturing two types of motorcycles: cruisers and long-haul tourers. This way, Triumph has found a way to integrate its signature engine design into different designs of power, suited for whatever kind of context their loyal following experiences at a certain point of life.

Furthermore, a Triumph bike, regardless of its type, will provide riders true riding satisfaction, being much better to handle than bikes of other manufacturers. Since the start of the century, Triumph has successfully placed itself at the vanguard of devices, safety elements and shock absorbing systems amongst others.


3. Cutting-edge technologies

We can firmly state that Triumph masterfully combines the classic Brit bike looks with the most modern reliable tech. By finding the perfect balance between technology and style, the improvements made to its bikes during the last years led to the creation of a new and sophisticated range from scratch.

While Harley Davidson has been experiencing a downhill due lack of adaptation to the new times, Triumph has taken advantage of the new technologies to upsurge and reinstate its manufacturing power recently.

Triumphs today are not only known for their old-world charm but also for making modern naked street bikes like the Street Triple and Speed Triple, as well as very capable adventure bikes, based on. All this by taking account of the DNA that makes Triumph bikes special, while improving them with the very latest developments in motorcycle technology.

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4. Finest design and aesthetics

Triumphs have used technology to enhance its motorbike’s reliability, thus, retaining their classic and old-world charm. Modern Triumph motorcycles are therefore known for their retro style and heritage design while still incorporating modern technologies.

The designs are astonishingly market savvy and their model range transmute almost year on year, either setting or following the latest styling trends. As opposed to other motorbike makers such as Harley Davidson or BMW, which retain a much more linear design throughout the seasons.

In terms of aesthetics, while Harleys have a much more strong and buffed design, the Triumph bikes seem more stylish and elegant. Their style, from the engine to body, from tins to chrome, these bikes have a unique look that screams Triumph from a mile away.


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5. Rider quality and ultimate comfort

Ride quality refers to a bike’s ability to insulate the rider from bumps or tears on the road surface. When a motorbike has good riding quality, riders are able to ride in comfort and for long periods of time without the need of stopping for a break.

Triumph bikes provide a rather smooth ride compared to Harleys or Ducati bikes, who have vibrations and mechanical noises associated with speed riding. Even in adventure riding, Triumph bikes such as the Triumph Tiger have the seat and suspenders plush enough to cope with the toughest off-road terrain.

Furthermore, modern Triumph bikes feature technology such as ABS and traction control, digital displays, and extra comforts such as heated seats to make riding experience superior. Their snap-crack performance also makes them a blast to roast roads on, so there are plenty of options for comfortable riding both on and off the road.


6. Worldwide dealership support

Finding motorbike branded dealerships close to your location can be a hassle, as it happens with many Italian manufacturers such as Ducati (so maintenance time and spending remains high). The ubiquity of the Triumph’s brand means that you can have them worked on anywhere, whether it is repairing, upgrading, or having parts swapped.

As opposed to other motorbike brands such as Italian Ducati, Triumph dealerships are easy to quickly find and are therefore more convenient. This is not only key for maintenance, but also for customization matters, as various aftermarket parts are available straight from the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) themselves for any upgrades and custom builds.


7. Secure reliability and performance

In terms of performance, Many Triumph motorcycles can outrun their Harley-Davidson counterparts. The closest even comparisons will be to put an 883 Sportster against a basic Triumph Bonneville. They are virtually the same kind of bike but Triumph definitively beats Harley when performing.

As the bike’s design gets bigger, the performance differential gets larger. This is why Triumph is extremely popular among seasoned riders; due to the performance and technical capabilities of its bikes.

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Best rental options for motorbike touring

The Triumph brand masters adventure bikes and has become iconic for its distinct style of cafe racers. It has also put the ring against the notable Japanese brands and has gone leather to leather with Harley Davidson’s signature cruiser.

The Triumph Tiger motorcycle family represents a huge leap forward in capabilities with ranges spanning urban and big road trips, as well as the most demanding off-road adventures. While becoming the perfect match for motorbike touring, there are two specific designs that will blow your mind and are available for rent.




Triumph Tiger 900 Rally

The new Tiger rally 900 is designed for the most demanding off-road adventures and also for everyday use. In addition to performing as well as the GT on long trips, the improvements applied to the Rally range, including the suspension optimized for off-road use and the spoked wheels, allow greater freedom of choice.

Maximum control and comfort, courtesy of its three-cylinder engine, and the best performance and capabilities ever been manufactured before.


Triumph Tiger 1200 Desert edition

Inspired by the most legendary adventures at the controls of the Tiger 1200 in the most inhospitable and unforgiving deserts of the world, from Sahara to Kalahari.

The new Tiger 1200 Desert Edition sports a unique color scheme and incorporates the most advanced equipment to provide excellent adventure capabilities and enhanced value for money.


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Motorcycle touring at a new level with Billy Goat Garage

Triumph adventure motorbikes combine a super-rich heritage with impressive design and the latest technology. Even though Triumph has (and we hope that forever) its own nostalgia bikes, it is with greatest fun that we invite you to choose Triumph for its more sporty, modern rides.

If you want to enjoy the best motorcycle experience, and want to try out Triumph’s more adventurous designs, do not hesitate to contact us at Billy Goat Garage for a full rental service with all the guidance and guarantees. Start the ride with us!

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